Some facts about me:

About my name

Giso is an uncommon German name, related to Gisela or Giselle. It’s pronounced [ˈɡiːzoʊ]: with a hard G (as in “Good” or “Goat”), an “EE” sound, and a voiced S (as in “Cheese” or “Please”).

Even though my name is quite rare, there are a few other Gisos out there on the internet. To make my own life easier, online at least, I came up with “giso6150,” which is simply using the four numbers that most look like the letters G, I, S, and O (i.e., 6 = G, 1 = I, 5 = S, O = 0). It’s goofy and slightly evocative of Futurism or something, which pleases me. Honestly I don’t think about it too much.